Treat your taste buds to a delicious fresh-made crepe and homemade soup

The word “crepe” is a French word meaning “very thin pancake," used in reference to a "pancake" made from batter and also the final product.


Crepes are a truly international food as evidenced by the Hungarian "Palaesinta",

the Mexican "Enchilada", and the Italian "Cannelloni".


Crepes are an extremely versatile food since they can be simple or elegant, economical or extravagant. Crepes can be served as appetizers, main dishes, or desserts. The crepe batter is generally basic. Varieties of crepes are endless depending upon the kind of filling or sauce used.


Treat your family and friends to crepes any time of the or cold...filled and shaped to suit your mood or occasion.

Total relaxation

Wind down from a stressful day with a bottle of wine from our quality selection.

With a great creek view and historic building, you'll have an unforgettable time!

You'll definitely satisfy your cravings with both savory and sweet homemade crepes!

A memorable time

Delicious crepes

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